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Pricetrackers helps you monitor your competitor prices and compare them to your prices with ease. All in one dashboard, and your inbox!

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Tracking and comparing prices

In the modern world, prices are changed by the minute and it is becoming hard to keep up! That is why we are here! With our software, you can track an unlimited number of competitors and get instant notification once they lower their prices. With the help of our notification system, you can easily ignore minor price changes and be alerted only when the price is lower than your specified price.

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Notifications and reports

All our packages include advanced price notification settings as well as a range of reports that you can choose from. With our customizable reports, you will never have to worry about checking your competitor prices first thing in the morning - the report will be waiting for you in your inbox! Of course, you can opt-out for less frequent reports like weekly or monthly reports. But the reporting period is up to you! With our reports segments, you can choose which products would be included in each report! By using this method, you can create customizable segmented reports that suit you the best!

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Sales vs competitor prices

Is your sale affected by that tiny price change? You will now always have an answer to this question. With our software, you will be able to compare your sales and prices to your competitor prices by using our Sales API. And you will be able to compare it for the last year!

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Competitive pricing compared to other pricetrackers

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  • Unlimited products
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting

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  • Unlimited products
  • Sales API
  • Customizable reporting

For any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us via email Any package could be modified according to your specific needs. This alsow includes adding new features and modifiying already exsisting once.